On the recent North American tour for her book, Cool Jew: The Ultimate Guide for Every Member of the Tribe, author Lisa Alcalay Klug was inspired by Barack Obama, the first person of color elected president of the United States, to encourage cross-cultural dialogue about multiculturalism in this country.

To increase tolerance and understanding across communities, Lisa launched Tolerant Nation during the week of inauguration to feature guest bloggers, who, like her, are multicultural and/or are passionate about creating awareness of these issues. Lisa’s father is a German-Jewish Holocaust survivor from Poland and her mother is the descendant of a Ladino Jewish family from Israel and Central America that escaped the Spanish Inquisition. During her recent tour, Lisa was thrilled at the enthusiastic response to Cool Jew. But she was also dismayed by the ignorance and bigotry she sometimes encountered toward Jewish Americans.

Her initiative counts artists, activists, actors, stand-up comedians, entrepreneurs and clergy among its supporters. As part of its campaign, TolerantNation.wordpress.com, will giveaway books and other materials that promote cross-cultural dialogue.

To join the initiative, donate materials and guest blog, please contact tolerantnation (at) gmail (d0t) com for more information.

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  1. godlessjew says:

    I like what you are doing.

  2. Wendy Kenin says:

    Lisa – You are awesome! We need more people who have a strong sense of their Jewish heritage to develop such skills in analysis and sharing about tolerance / intolerance. Yasher Koach! Wendy

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  4. Bobbi Cowan says:

    Filmmaker Ben Mittleman’s personal and emotional film “Dying to Live” is out this week on DVD, and is a must-see for anyone going through personal and/or family health crisis.
    Ben’s impending heart surgery (for the same thing that cut short his father’s life 28 years before) was compounded by his mother’s tumor, his fiancee’s terminal illness and his aunt’s advancing age–any one of which would put a lesser man out of his mind. As it is, Ben’s camer captured his fears, his anxieties, his prayers and his emotional roller coaster, making a compelling, powerful portrait of a young, vital Jewish guy whose life is suddenly in chaos.
    Interested parties can see the trailer at http://www.dyingtolivethemovie.com, and the DVD is available this week through Passion River Fims.
    This is a must-see for any of us boomers who find ourself dealing with our parents’ health issues and our own mortality.
    Bobbi Cowan

  5. muttslikeme says:

    I like what you’re up to on your blog.

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